If you would like to find out more about placenta pills, placenta tincture, smoothies or other remedies available, contact Nikki & Zoe at The Placenta Element in Cheshire and Blackpool. Nikki and Zoe provide a range of Placenta Remedies available for you to choose from on the booking form.

Nikki is based in Cheshire and Zoe Walsh is based in Blackpool where Zoe provides specialist services with The Placenta Element. All bookings come with an inclusive and complimentary Placenta Collection Kit for your convenience to keep your placenta safe for consumption after the birth of your baby. 

Covering Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, *Merseyside, and *West Yorkshire.

Booking Form
Please email the address if you would like your kit to be sent to another location

*Collection fee applies when travelling to Merseyside and West Yorkshire. Please enquire for further details.